Oct 31 2018

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easterns schedule

From: Greg McDivitt
Date: Wed, Oct 31, 2018 at 8:15 AM

Dear all,

Please see below for the game schedule for Easterns. Note that we are in the 9:00 am game on Saturday at The Baldwin School. Win or lose in Game 1, we will have an evening game at 5:00 or 7:00 pm Saturday. If we win Game 1, we have two additional games on Sunday; if we lose Game 1, we play at 2:00 pm Sunday. Whether our game(s) on Sunday are at The Baldwin School or The Episcopal Academy depends on how EA progresses through the bracket; no matter what, they will play at their own pool on Sunday.

The team should plan to load two MSJ minibuses at the Smith Center lot immediately after school. We will then travel to CCBC for a tune-up practice before getting on the road to the hotel. Dinner will either by en route to King of Prussia or at the Mall after we arrive.

The Mother of Divine Providence Catholic Church is close to our hotel and has multiple services. If it is possible given the progression of our wins/losses and game schedule, there will be an opportunity to shuttle to mass.

Pod A Pod B Pod C Pod D 5 Inter-Ac
Haverford Loyola Hill Lville 3 MIAA
St Benedicts Gonzaga Gilman GA 2 NJ
Malvern Penn Charter EA Landon 3 IND (GONZ, Hill, Landon)
Mt St Joe’s
Day 1: Nov 3
9:00 G1 Lville V MSJ Hill
10:00 G2 Gonzaga V WPC MSJ
11:00 G3 SBP V Malvern Gonzaga
12:00 G4 Gilman V EA SBP
1:00 G5 GA V Landon Gilman
2:00 G6 Loyola V W2 Landon
3:00 G7 Haverford V W3 Loyola
4:00 G8 Hill V W4 Haverford
5:00 G9 W1 V W5 Hill
6:00 G10 L2 V L3
7:00 G11 L1 V L5
Day 2: Nov 4
8:00 G12 L6 V L7
9:00 G13 L8 V L9
10:00 G14 Semi – W6 V W7
11:00 G15 Semi – W8 V W9
12:30 G16 7th place – L12 V L13 G17 – 1:00 L4 V L2
1:30 G18 5th place – W12 V W13 G19 – 2:00 L1 V L3
2:30 G20 3rd place – L14 V L15 G21 – 3:00 L4 V L5
3:30 G22 1st place – W14 V W15

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