Sep 13 2017

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Big Bear tourney update

From: Greg McDivitt
Date: Wed, Sep 13, 2017 at 4:59 PM

Dear all,

Please see the schedule update below for this weekend. Note again that it is now a Saturday-only tournament. Please also note that you should disregard my previous message about two different A-level (JV starters and varsity players new to the varsity level) and a B-level JV squad. MSJ ended up with three games total, and all three games are for all JV players (varsity need not attend).

Please arrange your own transportation to The Landon School in Bethesda, Maryland (6101 Wilson Lane). Please be on deck by 9:20 am, an hour before the first game.

Saturday September 16
Dark White
8am Landon JV B Whitman JV
9:10am Landon MS Capitol U-12
10:20am Whitman JV MSJ JV
11:30am Whitman V Landon V
12:40pm Capitol U-14 MSJ JV
1:50pm Landon JV B Capitol U-12
3pm Landon JVA MSJ JV
4:10pm Capitol U-14 Landon JVB
5:20pm Landon JVA Whitman JV
6:30pm Landon V Whitman V

Greg McDivitt

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